Welcome to Lone Pine Garage

Lone Pine Garage is a specialist paint refinisher located near Olney in Buckinghamshire. The shop has painted winning cars for the Pebble Beach councours event and Salon Prive. Our work has been displayed at the Goodwood Revival Festival and many other prestige auto shows.


See a few examples of our work in the gallery and the projects page if you want to get in touch or email is info@lonepinegarage.com, or call us 01604 696326


Zagato 02Check on the progress of the Aston Martin Zagato we are currently refinishing here, we will continue to update this at work progresses throughout 2016. Currently the first 2 coats of primer have been applied and the body has gone to be fitted up.



DSC09544This beautiful Bentley Corniche is nearing completion, we re-finished the bodywork to show standard in 2015. The car was then fitted up by renowned Rolls Royce and Bentley specialists Hillier Hill, more details are here