Whilst the bulk of our work is Aston Martin we’ve had a wide variety of vehicles through our doors all with different intricacies and details. At Lone Pine Garage we take the time to understand each customer’s needs and individual requirements to ensure complete satisfaction with the end result. The page below gives an insight into some of the vehicles that we have worked on.

08-01-2020 Work continues on the Jaguar Series 1 Coupe after a short Christmas break. Still more bodywork repairs to carry out but it’s starting to take shape

13-01-2019 We have another car from Dragon Wheels with us at the moment, a Shelby GT500 finished in the iconic Nightmist Blue. The car is one that Alan Faulkner-Stevens brought over from the USA for full restoration at his workshop.


21-11-2018 Repairs to the shell of the Porsche Targa features were completed a few months ago; the paint is now largely complete

07-07-2018 This Land Rover Series 1 was with us for mechanical repairs, dating from 1948 this is a very early incarnation of what would become an iconic military, agricultural and utility vehicle.

07-05-18 Work on the Porsche Targa is continuing; a complete new floor pan has been fitted as well as sills and front wings. The project is really starting to take shape now

20-01-18 Introduced in September 1959 the DB4 G.T. was a new breed of competition car; in modern parlance it was a homologation special, highly evolved from the series production DB4 on which it was based. Equipped with intensified performance and enhanced agility, the DB4 G.T. stole a march on both Jaguar and Ferrari, cementing Aston Martin’s position as makers of world-beating GT cars.


The car will be leaving us shortly for the build to be completed at renowned Aston Martin Specialist D J Smail


17-11-17 This beautiful, and very rare, Aston Martin DB6 Volante nears completion. Premiered at the 1965 London Motor Show, the DB6 Volante marked the first occasion the evocative ‘Volante’ name had been applied to a soft-top Aston Martin. After 37 Volante convertibles had been completed on the DB5 short wheelbase chassis, the model adopted the longer DB6 chassis in October 1966.


12-11-17 This 1980 Porsche 911SC is with us for full restoration, currently finished in Arrow Blue, a colour not often seen on Porsche cars. We will update the gallery as progress takes place.


07-10-17 The “KR” in Mustang Shelby GT500KR appropriately stands for “King of the Road.” The original version of this mighty muscle car, which made its first appearance in February 1968, was a product of Ford and Shelby American, the latter being the name of the company owned by legendary high-performance vehicle designer and builder Caroll Shelby.

Another car from Dragon Wheels based just down the road from us, this stunning example is back with us for a few touch ins. 

02-10-17 The beautiful De Tomaso Mangusta left us this morning; it’s heading to Southampton where restoration and re-fit will continue. A most striking car in a colour that suits it well.


Our friends at Konig Cars were responsible for the logistics, Konig provides a bespoke storage and transportation service for clients and vehicles worldwide

31-08-17 Wrapped in curvaceous bodywork designed by the great Giorgetto Giugiaro, already a prolific designer of stylish Italian automobiles of the period; the De Tomaso Mangusta was powered by a Ford 302 cubic inch/5.0 litre V8 engine generating 221 horsepower. Only 401 Mangustas were ever built between 1967 and 1971, and it is generally agreed that about 250 cars actually remain, making the Mangusta an extremely rare sight indeed. The paint on this car is nearing completion, the bright metallic green sets it off perfectly.


29-08-17 Over the Bank Holiday weekend we had two Land Rover chassis to paint. For these we have been using a new product; from Selemix. The special water based paint took a little longer than to dry, but the final result was a very hard wearing finish, ideal for chassis or other components.


19-03-17 This stunning Shelby GT500 was back with us for a few touch ins. The car was refinished around five years ago. The paint still looks very fresh and the metallic green sits beautifully on the car. Our friends at Dragon Wheels were responsible for the councours restoration.


13-03-2017 We had a Porsche cup car in for repaint. The whole car was beautifully prepared, we hope the fresh paint will compete the look.


The Porsche was finished in the Gulf racing colours a truly classic scheme for a great looking car.

The start of a new project in association with Hillier Hill; another 1980’s 2 door Bentley has come in for complete refinishing. We will start a new project page for the car as work continues.


We were particularly pleased with the finish on the Aston Martin DB6 that is currently with us, a great deal of time and effort went into the project and the overall result looks outstanding. We have also starting using a new rubberised product on the bulkhead and other areas to cut down heat transfer from engine to cockpit.