Aston Martin DB4 Zagato

DB4GT Zagato

In late 1960 the DB4GT Zagato was unveiled at the London Motor Show, clothed in a stunningly beautiful and lightweight body from the famous Italian coachbuilder. Only 19 examples were produced and this rarity is reflected in their high value today.

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A few images to show the finished bootlid, we were delighted with the way the project has taken shape; a true labour of love but thoroughly worth it.


The polishing process is mid-way through completion, more pics to follow when finished next week.

Below is the car immediately after paint whilst still in the booth, top coat of laquer has been applied, ready to flat and polish

With the shell filled where needed a second coat of primer is applied, guidecoat is then added and this is sanded back by hand

We started by filling and priming the bare aluminium shell